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this morning, fresh fallout from the attack in libya. >> a military response overnight to the killing of four americans, including the ambassador. president obama, working the phones early this morning and offering blunt, new comments about america's struggle in the region. all eyes on the fed. the central bank expected to act within hours on a brand-new effort to boost the economy. it's here. a mere rumor for months. apple unveils the iphone 5. but is it already overshadowed by what else apple introduced? and fast cars and free cash. a bank robber's money-tossing ride through l.a. one of the weirdest car chases ever.
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good morning. i'm john muller. rob nelson's on assignment. >> and i'm paula faris. we begin with the latest u.s. response to those deadly attacks on americans. a navy destroyer is now in the waters off the libyan coast. a second warship is due there shortly. and 50 elite marines head to tripoli where they will shore up security around the u.s. embassy. >> president obama vows that justice will be done. and flags are being flown at half-staff in memory of those who died. with more, here's abc's tahman bradley. >> reporter: with cities across the arab world tense, and facing violent anti-american demonstrations, u.s. navy forces have moved two missile destroyers to the coast of libya. there was a second night of unrest in egypt. protesters took to the streets, angry over an anti-muslim film. police fired tear gas and rubber bullets to keep a crowd away from the u.s. embassy in cairo. on the streets of benghazi,
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libya, a different picture. hundreds of demonstrators rallied in support of america. they said the attack by on the consulate was carried out by a rogue group of militants. four americans were killed, including the ambassador to libya, chris stevens, a rising diplomat, seen here in a youtube video. >> my name is chris stevens. and i'm the new u.s. ambassador to libya. >> he risked his life to stop a tyrant. and gave his life to build a better libya. >> reporter: also killed, sean smith, an information specialist. >> we stand in gratitude for their service. i want to assure you, we will bring their killers to justice. >> reporter: a terror group affiliated with al qaeda has claimed responsibility for the well-coordinated attack with libya. it was timed to the 9/11 anniversary, and may not have been linked to the film that sparked protests in cairo and other cities. president obama said what should
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be a shift in u.s. relations with egypt, saying in a tv interview, that the u.s. does not consider the current egyptian government an enemy or an ally. paula and john? >> all right. tahman bradley in washington, thank you very much. and lama hasan is live in cairo, where it is another tense morning. we heard of unrest outside of the consulate. protesters cutting through barbed wire, throwing rocks. what is the scene like right now? >> reporter: good morning, paula. you're absolutely right. protesters are on the streets of cairo again this morning, outside the u.s. embassy right now. there are running battles between the protesters and the egyptian security forces. the demonstrators have been burning cars and throwing stones at the security forces. police have hit back by firing tear gas. this follows an explosion of violence overnight. a massive crowd of about 500 protesters breached the barbed
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wire that has been put in place to protect the embassy after the first set of demonstrations three days ago. many young men clashed with security forces, throwing rocks and molotov cocktails. security forces have fired warning shots in the air and tear gas to push the protesters back. they succeeded in doing so. they pushed them back about 200 meters down the road. but this doesn't mean that the battle is over. the protesters we spoke with are vowing to continue to vent their anger, saying they won't stop demonstrating. paula? >> lama, libya's government was quick to rebuke the attacks on the u.s. consulate there. what is the reaction from the egyptian government been? >> reporter: it's really interesting, paula, because the egyptian president is on an official trip overseas right now. some are saying that the rejection from the egyptian government has been muted. they've been slow to react to the protests, issuing a message to the protesters on facebook, before issuing an official
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response. the president has been expressed his condolences, saying he would protect the embassy going forward, which is difficult to do when you have an angry crowd as adamant trying to destroy the embassy. >> lama hasan, thank you for setting the scene live in cairo this morning. stay safe, lama. >> reporter: thank you. the big question this morning, who is behind this inflammatory film fueling these anti-american protests. >> reverend terry jones, the florida pastor who burned korans two years ago, is backing the movie. but he did not make it. actors who appeared in the film said there was no bigotry in the script. and offensive lines were dubbed in later. >> we were supposed to be playing a film of how life was 2,000 years ago. compared to today, you know. and that's what the film was supposed to be about. >> the filmmaker was initially identified as sam bacile, which now appears to be a fake name. a california man who says he's
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an arab christian, claims he was the manager of the producer of the movie but denies being the director. our team in the region, including lama hasan, who we just heard from, is working on the story right now for a full update later on "good morning america." there's a new warning this morning about the possible consequences of a u.s. military strike on iran. such a strike would trigger retaliation by iran. the report goes on to say that dealing a temporary setback to iran's ambitions would require more military might than iraq and afghanistan wars combined. and sadly, there is still no end in sight as the teachers strike in chicago drags into a fourth day. the school district has presented the union with a new comprehensive proposal. and its negotiators are demanding a response or counterproposal. but the teachers union says it will take time to work things out. calleb medley is returning
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his recovery at a long-time facility. he lost an eye and suffered brain damage. his wife gave birth to their first child five days after the shooting. time, now, for the weather from across the nation. sunny and mild for much of the east coast. showers from coastal georgia down to florida. thunderstorms in the entire state of texas and along the gulf coast. also, stormy from oklahoma city to little rock, st. louis and chicago. scattered showers in the four corners of the southwest. >> upper 90s in phoenix. 60s from albuquerque into the nation's midsection. mostly 80s along the east coast. and when we come back this thursday morning, a new way to get your hands on the hottest kids' toys for the holidays. and the toy so many grown-ups want, the iphone 5. what does it have? what does it cost? we'll tell you. and later, talk about recycling. you have to see this bike. it is made of cardboard.
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and welcome back. for all you customers have been eyeing the new iphone 5 and like what you see, well, you'll be able to buy it starting a week from tomorrow. apple revealed the latest verse, thinner, lighter, with a bigger screen. and the capability to connect to the fastest wireless networks. the least expensive model will be $200. it's the first iphone developed and unveiled since steve jobs passed away almost a year ago. and apple rolled out changes to other products, as well,
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including a new ipod touch with a voice-activated siri feature. and the white ear buds that don't fit, apple will give them a tube shape with a better fit for your ears. >> pretty cool. the guessing game about the federal reserve's next move will end today. it's widely expected that the fed will take new steps to help the economy. fed chairman ben bernanke will speak this afternoon. and three-quarters of experts just surveyed by cnbc will have a new round of quantitytive easing. there's a new item on mcdonald's menus next week, the calorie count. the fast food giant is getting a jump on federal requirements and could put pressure on other big chains. that big mac and medium fries and 16-ounce coke is going to set you back about 1,100 calories. >> bring it on, man.
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toys "r" us is rolling out reservations for the season's hottest toys. a 20% downpayment will save you from scrambling for those wish list items. you have to sign up at the store. and you'll get an e-mail when the item becomes available. >> you don't have to wait in line on black friday. >> you have to hope your kid doesn't change their mind. give it to a nephew or a relative's kid. when we come back this thursday, the high-speed chase that had bystanders chasing down cold, hard cash. and then, $9 a gallon for gas? what? some drivers saw this price more than double overnight. ally bank. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists in the world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no.
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if he can't, no one can. that's why ally has a raise your rate cd. ally bank. your money needs an ally. starts with arthritis pain and a choice. take tylenol or take aleve, the #1 recommended pain reliever by orthopedic doctors. just two aleve can keep pain away all day. back to the news.
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yeah. that's right. take a look at what drivers did a double-take when they saw that. gas prices hitting $9 a gallon or more in parts of new jersey and pennsylvania. now, this is all part of a
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protest. owners of some lukeoil gas stations say that the company charges them more than what others pay. it makes them hard to compete. >> got our attention. now, for a look at morning road conditions. thunderstorms soak highways across texas. also, from oklahoma city to chicago. the commute could be slick at times in the four corners of the southwest. and wet roads for much of florida and the coastal georgia area. >> if you're flying, airport delays are possible in chicago, kansas city, dallas, houston and miami. what you're about to see looked like a movie set. but this scene from los angeles, it was the real deal. >> pretty awesome. bank robbers there start throwing cash out the suv window, as they led police on a high-speed chase. people ran into the street trying to scoop up the bills. the 90-minute chase came to an end, when a heavy-duty pickup blocked the suv's path. police announced an arrest in last week's bank heist where
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the bank manager was forced to turnover money from her bank. the suspect who was arrested and released on bail turns out, he's the bank manager's boyfriend. and police say other arrests are expected. >> all right. questions about security this morning after the arrest of 18 people at new york's jfk airport. they're accused of running a massive theft operation in which $20 million worth of those tiny, little booze bottle were stolen from american airlines planes. they were allegedly stealing 7,500 bottles a day. all had access to tarmacs and airplanes. and in tulsa, there is no sign of foul play where a 59-year-old woman was found inside a large freezer. theresa christian had been missing since saturday. it's believed she climbed into the freezer because she was afraid during some severe weather last week. christian is hospitalized with severe frostbite. >> in a lot of older freezers,
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you can't open the door. >> you can't open the door from the inside. if you throw out a freezer and put it on the stoop, take the door off. oscar-winner, kathy bates reveals she underwent a double mastectomy after a breast cancer diagnosis. she says she won't have to undergo chemo or radiation. bates tweeted she doesn't miss her breasts as much as he misses "harry's law," her nbc show that was canceled last may. the west nile virus death toll is up to 51. this is the worst outbreak of the disease since it arrived. most of the deaths have been in texas. and a new study involving gerbils is getting attention. the animals in the study suffered from an uncommon form of deafness. but the hope is the approach used in the study can be expanded to help with more common forms. no matter what, it will be years
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before humans might benefit. time for some sports. and the first of this season's nfl thursday night football games is tonight. it begins the oldest rivalry. the 185th meeting between the bears and packers. go, bears. highlights, now, from espn. >> good morning. this is your "sportscenter" update. i'm todd grisham. things are getting hot and heavy in the american league east. orioles, rays, yankees, battling it out. rays and orioles, game two of a three-game series. drives one to right center. j.j. hardy, comes in to score. orioles take a 2-1 lead. bottom of the ninth, we're tied at 2-2. winning run at second base. nate mclouth, with a double. and that will do her. the orioles win it in walkoff fashion. 3-2, the final. how do the yankees do? they face off against the red sox. top of the seventh.
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curtis granderson, in the business of hitting home runs. and business is good. he would hit two two-run home runs on wednesday night. his 36th and 37th of the year. it's 5-1. top of the eighth, yankees up 5-3. derek jeter grounts into a double play. unfortunately, he would have to leave the game with a bone bruise. he's expected to play on thursday. bottom of the eighth. same score. cody ross with a full count. take his base. what? strike three? question mark. he gets tossed for arguing. bobby valentine starts jabber jawing, too. he gets tossed. the yankees win it by a final score of 5-4. so, the yankees are tied with the orioles for first place. the rays are now three games back in the a.l. east. that will do it for me. hope you have a good day. >> we plan on it. our thanks and congratulations to our sister network.
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today, espn is airing its 50,000th "sportscenter," the flagship show. it started way back when in 1979, and they were risk-takers. >> hard to imagine a world without espn now. up next, "the pulse," and a bike you have to see to believe. and heidi klum talking about life after seal. and what's really going on with life after seal. and what's really going on with her bodyguard. golf's biggest stages. fortunan but when joint pain and stiffness from psoriatic arthritis hit, even the smallest things became difficult. i finally understood what serious joint pain is like. i talked to my rheumatologist and he prescribed enbrel. enbrel can help relieve pain, stiffness, and stop joint damage. because enbrel, etanercept, suppresses your immune system, it may lower your ability to fight infections. serious, sometimes fatal events including infections, tuberculosis, lymphoma, other cancers, and nervous system and blood disorders have occurred. before starting enbrel, your doctor should test you for tuberculosis and discuss whether you've been to a region
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where certain fungal infections are common. don't start enbrel if you have an infection like the flu. tell your doctor if you're prone to infections, have cuts or sores, have had hepatitis b, have been treated for heart failure, or if, while on enbrel, you experience persistent fever, bruising, bleeding, or paleness. [ phil ] get back to the things that matter most. ask your rheumatologist if enbrel is right for you. [ doctor ] enbrel, the number one biolog medicine prescribed by rheumatologists.
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it is time to check "the pulse," stories you're going to be talking about today, including supermodel heidi klum. she is opening up with katie couric about her bitter divorce from seal. >> in response to seal's comment that she was fornicating with the help. klum acknowledged that she never looked at another man during their marriage. and admitted that something is going on with bodyguard martin kirsten. >> we got to know each other from a completely different side. he's been with our family for the last four years. he's cared for, you know, our entire family. mostly for our four children. helped us tremendously. >> klum told couric that seal has moved on. and so has she. she says her relationship is still new and don't know where it's going yet. and talk about finding a treasure in the trash. a west virginia woman paid $7 for a box of trinkets at a flea
4:24 am
market and got a masterpiece. >> the woman ended up with an original renoir. she was going to toss the painting. but she liked the frame. she took it to an auction house. >> it will be auctioned later this month when it is expected to fetch well over $100,000. goes to show you there is gold in the garbage. >> let's go to the flea market. one designers obsession with cardboard drove him to his creation, a bicycle. a bicycle made out of cardboard. >> he only added a couple of components, like rubber for the wheels and brakes. but aside from that, it's all done with about ten bucks of cardboard. and it weighs roughly 20 pounds. >> it can carry a rider up to 500 pounds. the designer calls it strong, durable, cheap and mostly recycling. >> you can't ride in the rain. >> put a stamp on it. for some of you, your local news is next. >> for everyone else, we'll be
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back with our list of top five things that are great about the iphone 5. [ male announcer ] if it wasn't for a little thing called the computer, we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world.
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getet your free sample at myemergenc.m. stay healthy and feel the good. updating the top stories. american military might is heading to libya after that deadly attack, which killed a u.s. ambassador. two destroyers and 50 elite marines will help beef up security around u.s. interests in that region. there are more protests in cairo after another night of anti-demonstrations. president obama has spoken to egypt's president to urge security cooperation. and federal reserve chairman, ben bernanke, will speak this afternoon. it's widely expected the fed will announce a new round of quantitative easing steps to boost the economy. and take a look at today's weather. showers in florida. thunderstorms for just about all of texas. stormy from oklahoma city to kansas city, little rock, st. louis, chicago. showers in the southwest. finally this thursday morning, a closer look at the
4:28 am
much-anticipated iphone 5. >> it is the thinnest, lightest and fastest iphone ever. it is chock full of cool features. abc news tech editor, joanna stern, tells us her favorites. >> reporter: this is the iphone 5. it was finally announced by apple. let's go through my favorite features of the iphone. the first is the design. it's really seek and thinner. a lot thinner. lighter in hand. and it's got a bigger screen. that's number two, the bigger screen. it has a four-inch screen now, which makes it taller, not wider. it's easier to hold in your hands, still. but you get one extra line of icons here. you get a nice viewing experience when watching movies. my third favorite feature is an lte. i've been waiting for it to get this for a couple years now. that means really fast web browsing. you go to the safari web browser
4:29 am
here. that brings us to four, which is the new camera. it's hard for apple to make a better camera. the camera on the 4s is the best out there. but they've improved it. they've added low-light conditions. and this panorama feature. i've been testing it in here. taking beautiful shots of the press in here. and you can capture a wide angle, a nice panoramic experience. and the fifth feature i'm excited about is not only coming to the iphone 5, it's coming to all iphones. that's ios 6. i'm excited about features. including passbook. you get an app that holds your passes, your coupons and your airplane tickets. and it will arrive when you arrive at that location. my top five features of the new iphone 5. it looks pretty good. but we'll review it when it's out. >> you have to buy the new phone and the new adapter, as well.

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